Our Mission

Yerger Tech provides bundled, integrated technology solutions across all digital and new media
communication platforms. The Yerger Tech model of technology and content delivery optimizes
efficiency, collaboration, creativity and innovation, while providing a uniquely customized approach
to assure that every project partner receives personalized service and measurable results.

Our History

Founded in 2010, Yerger Tech has cultivated expertise in a diverse range of cutting-edge technology
platforms and applications – followed immediately by adding each associated service line to the
Yerger Tech model. As of March 2012, Yerger Tech boasts one of the industry’s most comprehensive
tech services firms with expertise in website design and implementation; Smartphone app solutions
and development; social media strategy and content management across ground-breaking online
communities, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and others; hardware and software
solutions for personal use and small business; and finally, technology innovation.

Our Approach

While most Yerger Tech employees travel a modern tele-commute, Yerger Tech management operates in a more traditional or "old fashioned" style. Most of our contracts, regardless of where they are in the country, are signed in person, with a lunch or dinner to celebrate the new friendship with our "Project Partner". Because Yerger Tech believes that a Business Relationship should be beneficial for BOTH parties, "clients" are not a part of the Yerger Tech vocabulary. Yerger Tech believes that our job is to make the project financially rewarding for the partner. Furthermore, we believe that the very word "clients" has become derogatory in nature, because so many consultants force them to sign a contract that they likely don't agree with and at the conclusion of the contract they are discarded as the consultant moves on to its next victim.

At Yerger Tech, we believe that a lasting friendship is the key to a successful business relationship. Furthermore, we believe that assisting our Project Partners in making money, something that a consultant should be doing anyway, is a successful way for Yerger Tech to not only be financially rewarded in the immediate fiscal period, but in the future as well.

Yerger Tech. Our experience, your success!