Phil Powell

Back End Programming
Phil inflicted, er, became part of the Yerger Tech family in early 2011. He has been a web and software programmer for 14 years and running, working in both Government and Private sectors, doing gigs in New York, Miami, Detroit and in Washington, DC. He has accumulated numerous programming languages along the way including Java, PHP, Tcl/TK, along with the expected HTML and JavaScript. He has been Brainbench certified in Java, ASP and even possesses a Master Certification in PHP.
Phil, unfortunately, is very poor at being a lifeless brainiac in spite of all of this: on off-hours he and his friends dress in fancy Victorian Era attire and parade about for fun. Phil himself identifies as a Dandy and has even won an award (Best Aesthetic Male) for one of his outfits, not to mention being Dandy Coverboy twice in 2011 for a Dandy blog. He also enjoys philosophy, travel, ancient history, learning and speaking Swedish, Southeast Asian cuisine and helping you realize your own uniqueness, when he's not helping make Yerger Tech a productive and competitive place, that is...



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Phil Powell

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